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Taking Care Of Commercial Water Damage In Your Norristown Factory Quickly

1/22/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Taking Care Of Commercial Water Damage In Your Norristown Factory Quickly Water damage can be very costly to your Norristown factory.

Taking Care Of Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can be very costly to your Norristown factory. When you have a pipe burst or a leak in your plumbing, it can not only harm your merchandise but also to the actual structure. The damage can add up quickly if it is not taken care of, with additional damage such as mold growth happening within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. It's essential to keep an eye on your plumbing so you can spot a leak before it gets worse.

Commercial water damage in your Norristown business can put a stop to your daily operations as a whole. At SERVPRO, we are available anytime you need us because we realize that these emergencies never happen at a convenient time. We have the equipment, training, and experience to take care of water intrusion of any kind.

When we arrive at your business, we take care and consideration of all of your concerns and needs for your business. First, we secure the site so we can safely assess the extent of the water damage. Then we begin water extraction procedures right away using large, truck-mounted pumps. If needed, we remove carpet pads and take steps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

Using our state of the art equipment which includes industrial-strength dehumidifiers and blowers, we dry out any walls, floors, carpeting, and ceilings which were affected. IT equipment, water-damaged machinery, furniture, personal belongings, and other items which are movable are taken off-site where they can be cleaned safely and even taken apart if we need to. They are dried, cleaned, and put back together in top running order. Our goal is to restore whenever we can instead of replacing.

After cleanup, drying, and disinfection of the area is complete, we make any necessary repairs and restore paint, flooring, walls, woodwork, ceilings, and any other exterior or interior structural elements that were damaged.

SERVPRO of Norristown gets you back in business fast. If your factory in Evansburg, Wetherills, or Audobon should ever suffer from a water damage emergency, give us a call at (610) 272-8520 right away at so we can have you up back and running again quickly.

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Flood Damage Help for Norristown

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Help for Norristown Storms Result in Many Adverse Conditions in the Norristown Area, Call SERVPRO for Mitigation

Stormwater Dictates Certain Procedures for Removal and Cleanup

Recently, floods have been plaguing various parts of the country. If a violent storm hits Norristown, there is a chance flooding can occur. When the streets get filled with water, it is likely that rainwater gets into your home.
Flooding can happen fast. One minute you notice rain is coming down, the next minute you need to call SERVPRO's flood damage experts in Norristown. As the old saying goes,"when it rains it pours!" It is not unusual during a rainstorm to get inches of standing water inside your house within minutes.
The instance you notice water coming into the house from the outside you should react. As soon as you call our emergency damage team, they can promptly get to your home and assess the situation. First, our team can try to stop more water from entering the home. Then, the water restoration crew can extract as much of the standing water as possible.
After the water gets extracted, our experts can test the water to see if it is contaminated. In a water damage situation, there are three different types of water that causes problems to your home. A category 1 or white water damage comes from clean water coming inside the home, from the plumbing. Category 2 or grey water is used clean water filled with detergents as an example. Category 3 or black water is a situation where sewer water backs up into the house, or pesticides, chemicals, even animal carcasses are washed into your property. This is a hazard that requires special handling and removing. Our ASD applied structural drying technicians wear PPE, personal protection equipment while extracting contaminated water and other elements.
What our crew does to mitigate the water damage is controlled by what type of water causes the damage. If the water is grey or black all affected drywall and carpet must be removed. If water came in from the outside, then most likely you are dealing with grey water at best, black water at worst. In this scenario, all of the carpet, pad, and drywall get removed. Our team can then dry the exposed floorboard and studs in the wall. After the wood is dry, our team can spray a sealant paint over the area along with antimicrobial chemicals before reconstruction by your company of choice.
Dealing with damage resulting from a flood is never pleasant. Getting help from experts always makes the process go more smoothly, call SERVPRO of Norristown (610) 272-8520 for assistance 24/7.

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Restoring Upholstery and Furniture After a Lower Providence House Fire

1/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring Upholstery and Furniture After a Lower Providence House Fire Remediating fire damage includes dealing with smoke, soot and bad odors. Contact SERVPRO so that we can start the process right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Damage That Smoke and Soot Leave Behind

A fire to your Lower Providence home might be traumatic and problematic, even long after the fire has gotten extinguished. Though the structural damages might not have been significant enough to force you to relocate, there are still lingering issues that make it difficult for you to move forward and live comfortably in your home. Soot and smoke damage to your furniture and drapes might not be something you initially worried about, but it is a lingering effect that is hard to ignore.
Fire damage to your Lower Providence home happens in a lot of different ways. Fortunately, our team of certified restoration technicians at SERVPRO go the extra mile to ensure that every bothersome effect of the recent fire becomes a distant memory. With the right tools and the experience to use them quickly and efficiently, our team can get to work on restoring the contents of your home to preloss conditions.
When it comes to upholstered items, smoke has a way of sticking into the fabric and emitting a foul odor and discoloring the material. Several tools are used to combat these effects, the first of which would be steam cleaners. This equipment pulls the soot and smoke matted to the material out and restores the original color and vibrancy of the material that became compromised. The process gets repeated for every affected piece of furniture or material, including drapes and flooring.
Removing the odor is another process that our SERVPRO technicians are well-versed in handling. A common concern with fires is the lingering scent of smoke and charring, which can be easily remedied using the appropriate equipment. Depending on the severity of the problem, our SERVPRO restoration specialists could opt to use ozone machines or dense fog machines. Both of these machines work to neutralize foul odor molecules in the air, leaving behind nothing but the scent of fresh air to be doctored as you see fit.
Fire damages do not have to be a death sentence for the contents of your home. Leave the restoration to us at SERVPRO of Norristown. Our complete restoration can exceed your expectations and help you clean up the mess quickly and professionally. Give us a call anytime at (610) 272-8520.

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Mold Remediation in East Norriton Can Be Crucial to Preserve Your Property

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation in East Norriton Can Be Crucial to Preserve Your Property Mold Spores Can Lead to Infestations in East Norriton. Call SERVPRO for Remediation

Rely on SERVPRO for Cleanup and Sanitizing Your Home in East Norriton After a Mold Infestation

Spotting colonies of mold can be quite unsettling for any homeowner. Furthermore, the mold may have health effects as well. So, it is essential that you should understand the basic facts about these fungi and how they develop.

Many homeowners in East Norriton are unaware of the basics of mold. Understanding some critical things can help you prepare to tackle mold damage when it occurs in your home.

Mold Patches begin from spores
One of the most important things that SERVPRO technicians want you to understand about mold is the fact that mold spores are present everywhere. Spores are microscopic structures that function in the same way as a seed of a plant. When the spores get a conducive environment, they germinate, very much as a plant does from seed. Once a mold spore germinates, it soon bears a mass consisting of thousands of spores that further helps the mold to propagate.

Spores are resilient
The airborne spores are quite sturdy. They can stay viable for extended periods of time even without water. The spores remain dormant for years before they germinate when the conditions are just right.
Spores love moisture
When the spores get the right condition, they absorb moisture and swell. They send out structures called Hyphae. Some of these hyphae may grow like roots into the porous surfaces and cause extensive damage. If the mold finds the right combination of moisture and a porous surface, they can proliferate on large surfaces in no time. It is crucial to call SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians as soon as you see or smell mold to prevent any extensive long-term damage.

Temperature also plays a crucial part  
The best temperature for mold growth is between 68 and 86 degrees. That said, some strains can grow in temperatures as low as 32 degrees. Organic material such as paper, wood and even drywall can provide all the essential nutrients to mold that helps them to spread. The most important thing to do once you spot mold in your home is to call in the experts. Trying to remove mold on your own can disturb the spores and help them spread to unaffected areas.

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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Mitigating and Preventing Water Damage to Your West Norriton Home

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Mitigating and Preventing Water Damage to Your West Norriton Home Small Leaks Lead to Large Water Losses-Call SERVPRO for Restoration to Your West Norriton House

Inspect and Respond to All Leaks and Drips and Call in Professionals Like SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most common home maintenance problems here in West Norriton. Whether it is due to a busted drain or due to a natural disaster, it can be quite a nightmare. Water damage should be addressed with priority, and you should seek professional help to mitigate any significant damage to your property.

SERVPRO is one of the leading names when it comes to water damage restoration here in West Norriton. We have a team of IICRC certified professionals with years of experience and technical knowledge. Our technicians use some of the best equipment available to remove stagnant or standing water and any residual moisture from your home as well. We also take pride in educating our customers on ways to prevent future damage. Here are some points that can help you prevent water-related issues in your home.  

Look out for leaks and drips
Leaking and dripping water pipes are one of the earliest signs of a bigger issue. Make sure that if you spot any leaky pipes, you do not ignore it. There might be a larger problem waiting to happen. Seek professional help to repair and replace any pipes or fixtures that are at fault.
Repair clogs as soon as possible
Clogged toilets and drains are a sign of an unhealthy drainage system. Avoid using harsh chemicals and drain snakes yourself to clean drains and pipes. You may cause a greater problem trying to do it on your own. Call professionals who can help diagnose the issue and offer permanent solutions. Particular attention should be given to inspect the exterior sewer pipes or septic tank.

Call professional restorers in case of water damage immediately
If you experience any water-related damage, make sure that you are calling in the experts to tackle the situations. Here at SERVPRO, we have a team of experts who can help you get the damage under control in no time. We use professional grade pumps, dryers, dehumidifiers and air movers to restore your water-damaged property. SERVPRO technicians are committed to helping you get your home back to the pre-incidence condition as soon as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 today to talk to one of our professionals to discuss your needs. We are committed to offering you the best solution to your all your problems- big or small.

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Commercial Water Removal Helps Flooded Grocery and Food Stores in Norristown Reopen Again

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Removal Helps Flooded Grocery and Food Stores in Norristown Reopen Again SERVPRO's IICRC certified technicians are ready to remediate any size water disaster quickly and efficiently.

SERVPRO’s Rapid Response Can Help Minimize Additional Damage

Food stores and deli shops have a high level of responsibility to provide safe and nutritious edible goods to the public in Norristown. Keeping your facility clean from top to bottom requires substantial input from your employee base. However, no matter how much work goes into keeping your store in sparkling condition, a barrage of water can ruin your employees' hard work.

Grocers and deli store owners in Norristown who use commercial water removal services after an emergency involving water recover substantially faster than similarly affected businesses that fail to engage professional services from a restoration company. Water emergencies escalate quickly, and a rapid response makes it easier to contain the problem and reduce the amount of damage experienced.

SERVPRO technicians' experience and skills keep them ready to remediate any size water disaster successfully. Removing the water that threatens your business starts with assessing the level of contamination. We rate water that came from outside your building as Category 3, the highest level possible, because of the amount of contamination from streets and parking lots, sewage, and other pollutants.

While Category 1 water does not create an intense sense of urgency for sanitation, Category 2 does, but not at the same level as Category 3. It is crucial to know that water can change categories when they absorb contaminants from your building's materials and contents. Water classified as Category 1 or 2 comes from inside your business, but if it sits long enough, that same water can change to a Category 3 flood, requiring additional work.

Our technicians, some certified by the IICRC as Commercial Drying Specialists (CDS), know that rapid removal of the water affecting your store can save you thousands of dollars and other unexpected difficulties. Complete dryness of your building is also crucial to protecting the building from future damage. Interior spaces of not only walls and ceilings, but also inside display racks and shelving units must attain dryness again. This protects against both microbial growth and physical deterioration of the materials.

We work as quickly as possible while keeping health and safety, as well as legal requirements in mind. Until we completely remove the water, followed by elimination of all threats to health and safety that the water introduced to your business's environment, the contamination in your store continues to pose a risk to the public.

SERVPRO of Norristown can be reached at (610) 272-8520, any hour of the day or night, year-round. Helping you eliminate the crisis through commercial water removal services and complete decontamination prepares your store to pass Health Department inspection so you can reopen your business.

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Helping Homeowners In Norristown Address Flood Damage Correctly

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Helping Homeowners In Norristown Address Flood Damage Correctly Call SERVPRO for Flood Water Removal in Norristown

Quality Storm Restoration from SERVPRO

Tackling the cleaning and restoration work in your Norristown home after a flood takes a great deal of knowledge, time, and attention to detail, more than most homeowners have available on their own. Most of us have to get back to work as soon as possible, and there is no time for recovering from a significant event.  

Sure, the company you use to address flood damage in your Norristown area home needs to address the removal and disposal of materials beyond repair. However, you also want someone qualified to perform a variety of services to ensure each item in your home receives the attention it deserves.

With 24/7 emergency services available and years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, SERVPRO technicians provide you with flood damage recovery services that go beyond your expectations. We are proud members of our local community, providing expertly trained technicians that assist when you need it the most.  

SERVPRO provides a variety of services designed to return your home and belongings to a quality pre-flood damage condition. Our cleaning specialists clean and protect your carpeting, upholstery, tile, grout, and other surfaces found in your home. We remove stains, repair damaged items, and help return your home to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible while also maintaining the level of quality you expect.
SERVPRO’s IICRC certified technicians use all of the latest equipment and tools to address problems found in your home after a flood. We have access to water extractors of all shapes and sizes, air movers, humidifiers, and advanced cleaning methods. Available resources are used to make your home new again, and we work hard to provide you with the highest quality services possible.  

We keep you informed throughout the process and want you to be pleased with the results you receive. Our services help limit the losses you experience after a flood occurs on your property and gives you access to qualified professionals you can trust, give SERVPRO of Norristown a call, today. (610) 272-8520

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Mold Damage Remediation Services You Can Trust As A Resident Of Trooper

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Services You Can Trust As A Resident Of Trooper Trooper Property with Mold Calls on SERVPRO for Remediation

Rely on SERVPRO to Cleanup and Restore Your Property After a Mold Infestation

If your home has recently sustained a leak from the roof, a broken pipe or any flood damage, then you can expect mold damage related problems. Residents of Trooper are advised to seek professional remediation services to avoid such eventualities. The earlier you take such a step, the easier it is to control the incident and help prevent health effects.

We start by outlining some of the steps that mold damage remediation experts from SERVPRO follow when helping residents of Trooper. The spread of mold is by spores, which can be carried by air. That means introducing airflow to mold spores, which are uncontained can spread the contamination to other places. Thus, containment of the area is the first step.
There are many ways which our trained technicians use to do containment. For instance, setting up a negative air pressure in the affected area is an option. When there are duct systems which need protection from contamination, sealing the HVAC vents can control the spread. We can also install plastic sheeting in some areas so that they can act as containment barriers.
At this point, certified technicians can go ahead and remove the mold contamination. Before this process can start, the area invaded by mold is analyzed. That is what dictates the kind of method selected to do the removal. When the surface is porous, then the material is removed and discarded. On the other hand, when the area is nonporous, it is cleaned. HEPA filtered vacuuming is one of the ways our technicians from SERVPRO use to remove mold from dry surfaces.
Up to this point, you must have noted that there are special tools and steps our SERVPRO restorers use during the mold remediation process. They go through a specialized training and follow EPA mold remediation guidelines when doing the restoration work to guarantee your safety. There is no need to panic when faced with such a situation since help from an expert is enough.
At SERVPRO of Norristown, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, whether mold, fire, or water. Call us at (610) 272-8520 for professional services you can trust.

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Why Soot Cleanup Is Important After Fire Damage In Audobon

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Soot Cleanup Is Important After Fire Damage In Audobon Fire carries with it many hazards.

Soot Cleanup

Every homeowner in Audobon dreads the thought of a house fire. Fire carries with it many hazards. The most important risk, of course, is the risk to life and limb. There are also risks associated with soot and smoke damage, which might linger long after the fire service has got the burning under control. Homeowners are frequently left with visibly damaged homes after fire damage. That is where SERVPRO comes in – our IICRC-certified technicians have the skills and equipment needed to clean away the soot.

Soot is a visible by-product of fire damage in Audobon homes. We are all familiar with the black, charred look of a home after a blaze. What many people don't realize is that soot does not only appear unpleasant – it can be damaging to your home, too. Soot is a by-product of fire and is caused by incomplete combustion of materials. Soot and smoke contain many substances, some of which are corrosive.

The dangerous chemicals present in soot and smoke have the potential to damage items in your home. For example, iron is at risk of rust after exposure to fire hoses, and when you add the chemicals of smoke to the mix, there is an even higher risk of corrosion. Smoke enters electronic equipment and causes damage to the inner workings. Even woodwork can lose its integrity due to the effect of smoke and soot.

There is a psychological aspect to it – the sight and scent of smoke damage are very distressing to anyone who survives a home fire. Swift cleanup helps sooth the stress and restore the home, so it feels livable again.

SERVPRO is on hand to help with fire damage cleanup. We use a range of scrubbing and wiping actions to remove black residue. We also use air scrubbers, thermal fogging, and even ozone machines to banish that lingering smoky smell. We leave no nook or cranny unchecked in our aim to restore your home and ease your worry.

For help with fire cleanup in Audobon, Bethel Hill, Evansburg and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for assistance today.

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Water Damage From Ice Dams In Your Trooper Attic

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage From Ice Dams In Your Trooper Attic When snow accumulates on your roof in Trooper, a cycle of melting and freezing happens.

Water Damage From Ice Dams

When snow accumulates on your roof in Trooper, a cycle of melting and freezing happens. The snow ideally melts off the roof, into your gutters, and harmlessly flow to the ground. However, the warmer your attic is, the more melting there is. Typically, the water from this flows off the edge of your roof, but in some conditions, the roof’s edge stays under freezing, and the water refreezes at that point which makes an ice dam. Once the dam gets big enough, the melted snow pools behind it and forces its way back under your roof shingles and leaks into your home.

If you see water damage on exterior walls or ceilings in your Trooper home, it can be a warning that an ice dam is present and water and ice have forced their way into your attic. Besides fixing the ice dam, it is essential to recognize that you have a real water damage situation on your hands which needs the help of professionals such as our technicians at SERVPRO to stop any more damage from occurring to your structure.

Upon arriving at your home, we examine your attic space and all parts of the roof construction. We are looking to see if any roofing material is damaged and if so has it been permanently or temporarily patched? We look to see if the roof decking is affected and if the water flow is stopped. We look for any structural parts that are damaged and if the parts can be repaired.

The amount of equipment SERVPRO techs can get into an attic can be limited. Sheetrock can complicate drying. Once damaged sheetrock is demolished, structural components are relatively simple to dry. Plus, we might have to remove sheetrock to access areas within your attic.

Restoration of attics usually involves working with insulation. Wet fiberglass insulation can be saved and dried, and wet sheetrock or plaster under insulation might not be restorable. In almost every case where plaster or sheetrock begins to sag, we have to move the insulation to an undamaged area to reach the sagging sheetrock. Large insulation vacuums can be used to remove insulation and maybe save it for reuse. Bagging could work for smaller areas.

SERVPRO of Norristown dries your home out fast after ice dams have created water damage inside your attic and home. Residents in the areas of West Norriton, Evansburg, and Norristown can reach us around-the-clock at (610) 272-8520.

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