What our Customers say...


My wife was smart in calling SERVPRO when our fish tank leaked all over our carpeting. You would never know now that anything happened.

The fire in my bedroom started from a candle I forgot about, but luckily, your team was able to fix my stupidity.

If not for your company, I do not think I could have stopped the mold colony I found growing in my home. Thank you!

Thanks to your workers, our home is dry and safe again after the storm damage in our neighborhood. Thank you so much!

I am really relieved I found your company to help me restore my shop. you did a great job, and you cannot even tell there was flooding at all.

We were afraid of how much damage a storm could do to our home and called SERVPRO for help. Thanks for all of the recommendations, it sure has helped.

We thought we were in over our heads after attempting to remove the mold on our own and made the call for help. Thanks for everything you do.

A fire in our home made several rooms unlivable and left us wondering what to do. After calling your office we had a clear plan of action and someone we could trust to help us recover.

If you need access to someone who cares about your business and wants to help you keep things operating at peak efficiency, call SERVPRO.

We would never have found a better water repair service anywhere, definitely going to recommend you to our friends. Thanks again.

Our local SERVPRO team did a fantastic job on mold found in our bathroom. Very professional, clean and efficient.

Your technicians did much more than perform great repairs in our store. With your help we were able to come up with a few ways to prevent avoidable problems.

You helped us remove fallen trees and other debris from our yard after the recent storm and repair a few damaged windows. Your help made a huge difference, thanks again.

After a small fire broke out in our kitchen, SERVPRO answered our call for help. They went to work without any hesitation and helped us return things to normal fast.

SERVPRO responded quickly and did a good clean up job. If I'm ever in the need again, I'll be sure to call your team. 

The SERVPRO team came out quickly to our East Side Flats apartment and got us situated just as fast. We appreciate everything they did to resolve the water damage. 

We've lived here for 30 years and never had anything like this before.  I hope it never happens again, but if it does, I will be calling you immediately. You made what looked like a total disaster into a minor event.  Well worth the money!

I loved the way you were so careful to keep the mold from spreading everywhere while you were working.  You did a terrific job! The mold is gone and finally so is that horrible smell.  Thank you SERVPRO of Norristown.

Our house was so wet I thought it would wash away.  Your expert team was so kind and explained everything as they went along removing the destroyed carpet and drywall and it was just so comforting to know they knew what they were doing.  Thank you for holding my hand through a difficult time. 

You and your team demonstrated professionalism and integrity from start to finish.  The place looks great and the charge was in line with the service. 

Thank you again to you and your team, the restaurant looks really great!