Recent Before & After Photos

Lower Providence Township Water Leak

The water supply line running through the attic of this home in Lower Providence Township resulted in the water damage depicted in the Before Photo. The water s... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Norristown Home

Fire damage to this Norristown home started with a grease fire in the kitchen. While the kitchen was the most severely damaged room of the structure, the remain... READ MORE

Storm Damages Roof in this Norristown House

The collapsing ceiling is evidence of the water damage from the storm water that entered this Norristown attic via the damaged roof. Demolition of the ceiling m... READ MORE

Office Suite in Norristown is Flooded

The broken water line resulted in the pooling water reflecting images in this Norristown office. Our SERVPRO water restoration experts swiftly vacuumed up this ... READ MORE

Norristown Water Damage to Stairs and Floors

The ruptured plumbing line soaked the hardwood flooring and the stairs of this Norristown home. The water wicked into the risers and slats and also the planks o... READ MORE

Norristown Devastating Kitchen Fire

The damage to this kitchen in Norristown is pretty apparent. The cleanup crew removed the charred elements including the wall cabinets, ceiling panels, and appl... READ MORE

Norristown Faulty Drainage and Mold Infestations

The drain water from the washing machine in this utility closet in a Norristown home allowed water to accumulate in the wall cavity. Before we could fix the lea... READ MORE