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Fire Damage Restoration and Remodel in Phoenixville

When this Phoenixville home suffered from a fire on the second floor causing a great deal smoke and soot damage, they contacted team SERVPRO. In addition to th... READ MORE

Water Damage – Norristown Home

Water damage struck this Norristown home when a portion of the roof of the house was ripped away by high winds that accompanied a strong band of thunderstorms t... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Lower Providence Township

If your restaurant, hotel, small office building, apartment building, or large retail store in Lower Providence Township suffers a water damage disaster we are ... READ MORE

Lower Providence Township Fire and Smoke Damage

Fortunately, there was no actual structural damage to this finished attic in a Lower Providence Township home. The mixture of water from the extinguishing and t... READ MORE

Fire Damage In East Norriton

After a fire in your East Norriton home, the crew at SERVPRO is here to help! Our fire damage experts are ready 24/7 and are Faster to Any Size Disaster! Our cr... READ MORE

East Norriton Flooded Basement

Basements are typically damp areas of a house in the East Norriton area of PA. After a storm, the flooding can drench the concrete pad with unwanted and contami... READ MORE

Water Damage – Lower Providence Township

Water damage to this Lower Providence Township home’s hardwood flooring left the flooring moisture laden and cupped. Cupping is the result of moisture abs... READ MORE

Water and Mold Problems in West Norriton

The exterior siding of this house in West Norriton was not watertight and moisture built up in the walls and cabinets. Over time, the deteriorating cabinet unit... READ MORE

Norristown Smoke without Fire

Even though the rags in the garage ignited and caused an extremely petroleum-based, oily, messy sooty residue on the surfaces of this house in Norristown, there... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Norristown Home

Mold damage developed in the attic at this Norristown home due to a small roof leak coupled with poor ventilation and the darkness of the area. Mold colonies li... READ MORE