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We Are Prepared To Restore Your Lower Providence Township Home 24/7

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

A ceiling with water damage spots due to a leak Moisture in the ceiling was caused by a second-floor plumbing leak. We arrived right away and began restoration.

Water Removal Techniques That Limit Loss in Lower Providence Township Homes

The need to clean up water damage in a home will arrive for most homeowners during their property ownership in one form or another. Malfunctioning appliances, tree limbs growing into pipes gradually blocking sewage from leaving may cause a toilet to back up, and another common reason is a leaking roof or damp basement causing both water loss and encouraging mold growth.

When the need for water removal in a Lower Providence Township home arises, it is best to outsource the task to a professional restoration services company to ensure complete water extraction and drying occurs.


Before a technician sets foot onto a job site for customers, they have undergone extensive training both in a classroom setting and hands-on scenarios to teach them how to correctly use each piece of restoration equipment and the best practices for limiting loss in every type of home disaster situation. This type of training brings a mindset that restoring rather than have property owners incur costs for replacement of items which in turn saves money.

Specialized Equipment for Water Extraction

Removal of water damage is a crucial element for the complete drying of the loss area. SERVPRO technicians do several passes using different types of equipment such as weighted extractor heads for carpeting, squeegees for tile and wood flooring.

Wood Flooring May Not Be a Loss
Hardwood flooring, even with sealant, has the potential to be highly absorbent and swells and buckles with moisture. Unless the exposure to water occurred for a considerable length of time, it often has restoration potential if the floor receives the correct extraction and drying techniques.

Specialized Drying Techniques After Extraction

To adequately dry a structure and its contents, correct applications need to occur. SERVPRO technicians know that covering hardwood flooring with plastic and concentrating the flow from the air movers in tandem with desiccant dehumidifiers works well because of the low-evaporation nature of hardwood flooring. Drying mats also work on drying most types of flooring rapidly after detailed water extraction efforts.

SERVPRO of Norristown is ready to perform fast water removal in local homes 24/7 by calling (610) 272-8520. The certified technicians have the extensive array of cleanup equipment and restoration knowledge to the water loss in the house. "Like it never even happened."

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How to Handle Flood Damage in Your Norristown Home

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

A home with damage to the roof. SERVPRO knows exactly what to do for your Norristown flood damaged home.

Let us walk you through every single step to take for your Norristown flood damage.

Floods can cause severe damage to a home. Even a few inches of standing water can have devastating effects on the walls, floors, carpets, and drywall of your home. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to mitigate the destruction that flooding causes.

When dealing with flood damage in your Norristown residence, you need to secure your family. With floodwaters carrying bacteria and debris that could cause harm, ensure everyone in your house is safe. After that, do the following:

  •       Gather essential documents

Documents like personal identification, flood insurance policies, and pictures of your damaged home can come in handy during this time. You want to make an insurance claim quickly and receive compensation. Without these documents, you could end up paying for restoration services with your emergency cash.

  •       File a claim

An insurance adjuster can evaluate the loss and help the insurance company decide how much to compensate you. It can take a while before an insurance company processes your claim. Be prepared to incur costs for removing water, drying the affected areas and other repairs. 

  •       Begin the restoration process

At SERVPRO, we advise homeowners to start the restoration process because water destroys a home with every minute that passes by. 

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) respond to flooding disasters quickly. We have sophisticated portable extractors that can remove the standing water in different surfaces of your home to speed up drying. We can also clean up the contaminated areas before we start restorative drying. Our restorers also provide humidity control in contaminated areas to reduce potential secondary destruction, moisture migration, and microbial amplification. This involves setting up and turning on dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity within the affected areas.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also create a drying zone in your home. A drying zone is an area where we control the airflow, humidity, and temperature to expedite the drying of damp materials. We focus our drying efforts on the drying zone. We can group several adjacent rooms into one drying zone. 

When in need of flood mitigation services, contact SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520. We can help you restore your home to its preloss state. We also offer our services in Lower Providence Township, East Norriton and West Norriton. 

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How SERVPRO Remediates Commercial Water Damage in Providence

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

man sitting in chair and working on laptop in water covered room SERVPRO has the equipment and expertise to reduce the amount of downtime with commercial water damage. Call us today!

Commercial Water Damage Lower Providence Town

For commercial business properties, downtime is always one of the most critical elements to consider. When there is water damage, business owners want to understand how long business operations are going to be on hold? What is going to happen to all of the business content? How is it going to be moved? Where are these items going to be stored and when can their building be re ready to resume operation?

SERVPRO is very experienced in dealing with commercial water damage events in Lower Providence Township. We understand the urgency for businesses to recover from water damage situations and resume normal operations. Our crew chief evaluates every scenario and proposes solutions that can efficiently get the job done. Everything is discussed with the owner beforehand.

Cleaning and Staging

Where possible, every water damaged item is cleaned and dried before being moved. In many situations, contents are moved to initial staging areas for cleaning and drying. Once this step is complete, we move all of the contents to a final staging area for storage. SERVPRO would prefer all contents to be stored on-site in a dry area. On-site storage minimizes moving items multiple times. Tracking and record keeping is also efficient.


Our technicians inventory all items before being moved. The condition is noted and also where the item is stored. Records are updated with the latest location, once the item is cleaned and dried. There are several reasons for this detailed tracking.

SERVPRO understands that insurance companies require information about all damages and efforts required to complete the job. Owners also require retrieval of various items from time to time as the job progresses. Accurate tracking and record-keeping enable these items to be sorted for the owner as needed.

We track and account for all removed items from the structure. SERVPRO must also provide insurance coverage for all items staged or moved to temporary areas.

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Trooper, Evansburg, Audubon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Skilled Crew Is Ready To Respond To Your Emergency In Norristown

9/14/2019 (Permalink)

living room interior with a comfy couch, paintings and shelves “Like it never even happened.”

Why Choose SERVPRO After A Disaster In Your Norristown Property

With decades of expertise in the industry under our belts, we can offer Norristown homes and businesses a thorough and satisfactory result when disasters strike. Customer service is essential to us, and we treat every new project as though we were working on our own homes. We have a growing team of specialists encompassing every niche of recovery, including water, fire, mold, storm, and even biohazardous threats. With our experienced contracting division, we can offer a seamless transition between mitigation and renovation or repair depending on the needs of your household amid the restoration process.

Each of the team members that make up the fire recovery division of our SERVPRO brand undergoes extensive training and education to obtain their Fire & Smoke Restoration accreditation from the Insitute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) To better protect Norristown homes and businesses, we encourage our professionals to continue pursuing new educational opportunities, including in-house coursework and online certifications to become valuable assets to every customer with every emergency that they might endure.

We have decades of hands-on experience, helping us to quickly identify all the present fire damage threats in Norristown properties and the ideal approaches to overcome them. Mitigating your loss, regardless of the severity of the incident, is a priority of our team. It is our mission to complete restoration tasks as quickly as possible and to limit out of pocket expenses for our clients – even when we are working more heavily with a home insurance provider.

Our professionals have a large inventory of recovery tools that can help to address every single threat that your Norristown property faces after a fire gets extinguished. We can clean soot and smoke residues, deodorize your household, filter carcinogens and particulates from the air, and protect damaged or at-risk contents. No matter what you need, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Storm relief for our SERVPRO of Norristown team means much more than just addressing the effects that can result from breaches in your home’s defenses. We want to address these concerns at the heart of the issue, and that is why our contracting division rolls out with our mitigation specialists at the first sign of a storm damage emergency. These professionals have more than 80 years of combined experience in the building trades, and that means that much more can get accomplished with their presence than simple repairs and temporary solutions.

From the time that our storm response team first arrives, we begin to assess both structural damages and the needs of the inside of your Norristown house. Our contractors can board up and tarp vulnerable areas of the roof, broken windows, and other breaches to the exterior of your property, allowing water flow or other threats inside the home. This fast response, even amid a harrowing storm system, can protect your property from even more widespread and compromising flooding.

Addressing standing water in your home is a common concern when storm damage compromises Norristown construction. We have a full inventory of unique and powerful mitigation tools like gas and electric-powered extractors as well as hundreds of air movers and dehumidifiers to make short work of thoroughly drying the property once temporary construction solutions have gotten installed.

Every water loss incident is another chance for our SERVPRO team to showcase our fast response and expertise in the restoration industry. We know there is a finite timeline for water recovery, and the longer that Norristown properties go without mitigation and recovery efforts, the worse these damages can become. That is why so many of our team members have pursued the educational requirements and training to obtain Water Restoration Technician (WRT) accreditation through the IICRC. Many of these same professionals also pursue related training and endorsements through this same firm, including Applied Mold Remediation (AMRT), Applied Structural Drying (ASD), Commercial Drying (CDS), and Odor Control (OCT.)

Much of our water restoration success can get attributed to our devotion to having the leading industry tools and machines to address extraction, drying, and cleaning your Norristown property after a water loss incident. We have multiple levels of recovery tools, allowing us to customize our approach depending on where the damage exists, its severity, and what materials or contents might also have become affected.

With our fast response, we can often reduce the possibility of water damage in Norristown homes, turning into harmful secondary effects like mold growth. The faster that we can remove standing water and drop moisture and humidity levels below the established baseline, the better able our team is to prevent microbial threats from settling into surfaces and contents.

While we work to address the full recovery of water loss incidents with a fast and confident response, mold damage in Norristown homes is not always easily avoided. While in some situations this develops from recent water emergencies and their lingering effects, the situation can also stem from elevated humidity and moisture levels attributed to changing atmospheric conditions and the ventilation in specific areas of your property.

The presence of a microbial threat can often get seen most easily on surfaces like drywall or get identified by a harsh and noxious musty odor. When you are not sure if mold colonies exist, and you need peace of mind, our SERVPRO professionals can offer a thorough inspection of the property. If we cannot discover mold growth with our detection instruments, we can send of environmental samples from your Norristown residence to analyze spore concentration.

We understand how delicate some of the properties are in our area, many of which have historical significance. We utilize abrasive cleaning techniques to remove present colonies without damaging the material substrate. Protecting installed materials is our goal, and this can save Norristown homeowners time and money as well.

As stressful and challenging as emergencies and disasters can be, we have become a trusted name in our communities to lend our experience and equipment to help. You can count on our SERVPRO of Norristown professionals to make all loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give our technicians a call anytime at (610) 272-8520.

You Need to Contact Our Specialists if Your Norristown Home Has Experienced a Fire

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

White bedroom with white walls. If fire damage happens to your bedroom don't try and clean it up alone. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Fire Damage in Norristown Bedroom Needs Fast Cleanup

After fire damage happens in a home, all you want to do is get past it and get life back to normal. That cannot occur until the removal of charred items, and smoke odors happen; otherwise, any reconstruction done to the room could emanate residual odors. 

When SERVPRO handled fire damage cleanup in a Norristown bedroom caused by an electrical fire, there were numerous challenges our technicians faced to get the room restored and ready for reconstruction. 

  • Since hot air expands, this action drives soot deeply into porous objects 
  • Paint on the walls has the potential to harbor odor-causing soot sometimes requiring sealing before repainting
  • Depending on the type of residue, dry and wet smoke need different cleaning methods for the best outcome

Due to the nature of the fire caused by an overheated plug, and the subsequent lack of electricity in the home, we brought our own generators to power our equipment. There was a limited amount of water to extract left behind by the fire department when they extinguished the fire, but it did little additional damage. Our moisture detection equipment confirmed no excessive moisture remained after extraction and drying.

We cut away the charred sheetrock and removed the bed. However, the property owner was thrilled to learn our technicians felt his vintage solid iron bed held restoration potential through our proprietary cleaning methods. Much of the bedroom was a fire loss, and everything from the charred carpet to the burned curtains required disposal. 

Although the fire did not affect the clothes in the closet, we recommended the homeowner have them professionally dry cleaned and removed other items for cleaning and disinfection outside of the job site. Then we performed odor treatment applications to ensure the rebuilding of the bedroom occurred; no residual reminders of the fire remained.

SERVPRO of Norristown is ready 24/7 to help local property owners with fire damage cleanup and restoration. Call us at (610) 272-8520, and we arrive within an hour because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Lower Providence Township Homes Benefit from SERVPRO's Inventory of Heavy Duty Equipment

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO GREEN VAN Parked at the Plymouth Ambulance Station Why Not SERVPRO for Emergency Water Removal? Your Local First Responders Do in Plymouth and Lower Providence Township!

SERVPRO Extraction for Lower Providence Township Homes

Understanding how specific tools and practices come into effect for restoring water damage to Lower Providence Township homes involves the severity of the situation and the areas of the properties affected. We have a full inventory of the industry’s leading equipment, allowing us to confidently and thoroughly manage even complex and widespread standing water concerns. As with all significant water loss issues, our professionals must address extraction first.

Regarding water removal in Lower Providence Township homes, there are many options available to our qualified SERVPRO team. Choosing among these options falls to the discretion of our field technicians assessing the damage and determining the best approach to mitigate loss and begin the road to fully recovering the property. Understanding the levels of the equipment that you could see can help to preemptively put the minds of our customers at ease when water loss incidents occur in their residence.
-      Wet-Vacs with Extraction Wands
-      Portable Electric Submersible Pumps
-      Weighted Extraction Equipment
-      Engine-Driven, Gas-Powered Trash Pumps
-      Shaft-Driven, Truck-Mount Extractor
It is challenging to address standing water in your home without at least one of these advanced tools. Our SERVPRO professionals have seen the damage that even a small volume of water can do, and prioritize extraction and water removal as soon as our professionals arrive. The focus on mitigation is a system that ultimately saves our customers time and money.
Water loss incidents are notorious for affecting other utility services within the house, such as electric. Breaches in the plumbing can short the electrical system, making it challenging to utilize powered tools and machines like our portable pumps and wet-vacs. We have trailered generators that can provide electricity for all of the areas of the home, but serves as a hub to power extraction tools and rapid drying solutions. Small jump boxes help to distribute electricity generated by our units evenly and safely to the various devices.
Our team is a wise choice when disaster strikes because we arrive with the full measure of our powerful inventory of recovery tools and machines. You can depend on the fast response and the expertise of our SERVPRO of Norristown water restoration professionals to make loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Call anytime at (610) 272-8520.

Professional Extraction Tools for Lower Providence Township Homes

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO of Norristown highly trained team ready to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO's Water Damage Restoration Equipment

It can often be overwhelming to not only contend with substantial water loss incidents in a Lower Providence Township home but to understand all of the steps involved in returning your property to its original condition. As tempting as it might be to choose a DIY approach for these situations, there are many instances in which saturation and present moisture can get overlooked leading to more substantial issues after only a few short days. Additionally, professional outfits like our SERVPRO team have state-of-the-art equipment for aspects of restoration like extraction and drying, which can save customers money in many situations.

The useful tools available to our professionals can help to ensure efficient water removal for Lower Providence Township homes. While some of these options might be available to purchase or rent from home improvement and hardware locations throughout the area, most homeowners lack the experience and training to use these tools to their full capabilities. This can increase both the potential for further damage and the length of time recovery takes.

Our SERVPRO professionals utilize many powerful machines to address standing water and heavy saturation during water loss incidents. The units selected depend on the severity of the situation and can include equipment such as:

  • Wet-Vacs – While many homeowners have wet/dry vacs for specific areas of their home, our team has powerful portable units fitted with extraction wands to access difficult to reach areas.
  • Portable Pumps – Submersible pumps help to manage standing water in specific areas of the property quickly, and run on electricity. We can provide temporary power in situations where water loss has compromised electrical service.
  • Extractor Truck – The Green Fleet can arrive in substantial loss incidents with our extractor trucks. These vehicles can remove water at 300 psi, and these shaft-driven options are ideal for widespread threats.

There are multiple options for water removal that help our professionals to be efficient and productive beginning immediately upon our arrival. You can count on this experienced response of our SERVPRO of Norristown team 24-hours a day by calling (610) 272-8520.

Norristown, PA

Let the Professionals Handle Flood Damage Remediation in Your Norristown Home

7/31/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let flood damage get you down. Call the professionals in remediation at SERVPRO today.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration For Norristown Homes

Flooding is a regular concern for Norristown residents. With the Schuylkill River making up the town’s entire Southwestern border, outside water intrusions are a real threat whenever the weather threatens to cause the river to crest its banks or drops water faster than the storm drains can remove it. 

To eliminate Norristown flood damage, SERVPRO response teams remove water, clean or replace affected property, and dry out the home. Technicians break these processes down into key steps that can sometimes overlap to return each home to its owners as quickly as possible. 

Water Removal 

  • Draw out the majority of the water with commercial grade pumps. Restoration teams can complete this step, usually in only one or two days.
  • Remove the remaining water using smaller extractors that pull water off concrete floors, and draw it out of carpets and from between wood floorboards without causing secondary damage. They direct all water into the nearest sewer access point.

Clean or Replace 

  • SERVPRO technicians spray the water surface before starting other tasks to eliminate the health risk from the soil and other contaminants.
  • Remove all affected property to a clean area of the home or to another location to extract the flood water and clean each item using one of our commercial cleaners with an anti-bacterial agent. That also includes affected floors and walls.
  • Dispose of all items to contaminated or otherwise damaged for repair. Technicians take careful note of all items before cleaning or disposal to make certain the customer’s insurance company covers all actions.  

Dry The Home 

  • Team members install fans to increase air circulation as others finish work with the extractors. Improved circulation removes damp air in the home and increases the natural rate of evaporation.
  • Technicians also install air movers at key points to speed up drying. By directing the airflow, they can force moisture out of wood floors and drywall panels and into the air where it evaporates or is pulled out of the home by the fans.

For SERVPRO of Norristown, our goal is to return every home here and in Lower Province Township, East Norriton, and West Norriton to its owners in a dry and clean condition. If you have had even a small amount of flooding, contact our office today at (610) 272-8520 to begin the restoration process. We are here for you.  

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We Are Available 24/7 For Your Lower Providence Water Removal Services

7/21/2019 (Permalink)

The leak in this house caused moisture in the ceiling surrounding an electrical outlet. They relied on our professionals right away.

The equipment for Efficient Water Removal for Lower Providence Residents

A homeowner can come home after a weekend away to find their home flooded in ankle deep water. These situations are caused by a myriad of differences that may be no fault of your own. A weekend of heavy rainfall, for example, or an aging water pipe finally giving out. As water levels rise, they put increasing pressure on floors, ceilings, and infrastructure. Over time that pressure tells, causing permanent damages and requiring expensive reconstruction.

Residents can reach out to us for emergency water removal in Lower Providence. SERVPRO has access to national resources and can mobilize the necessary equipment efficiently. Our emergency out of hours service means we can arrange for an on-call technician to be sent to your property depending on the scale and severity of your situation. However, all residents have access to our twenty four hour phone line in times of need.

Excessive waterlogging and rising standing water levels are industrial problems that require industrial scale equipment. One of the prime pieces of equipment SERVPRO mobilize in this type of situation is extractors. These machinery use three aspects- a heating element, vacuum element, and pump- to remove excess quantities of water. Portable units allow access to restricted areas and can carry up to twelve gallons of water before needing emptying. Truck-mounted extractors have storage tanks over one hundred gallons.

These equipment are SERVPRO technicians first offensive against waterlogging. Since the design of extractors is geared toward residential or office water removal and restoration, they are also effective at cleaning carpets or upholstery- which is up to 50% weaker when wet. Some robust carpets benefit from heavier extractors, which help to squeeze the moisture out of them during the removal process. Although extractors are the first port of call, where there are significant amounts of standing water, above two inches, submersible gas pumps can be more efficient- pumping out limitless amounts of water from a property into a nearby open sewer point.

The impact of flooding or waterlogging goes beyond the remit of DIY property damages, contact SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520.

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Our Experts Will Clean, Repair, And Restore Your Fire Damaged East Norriton Home

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

If you are dealing with the effects of a fire, contact us today to start the process to return your home to its pre-fire condition.

Cleaning And Remediating Fire Damage In East Norriton

With the only body of water nearby the Schuylkill River, East Norriton residents are far more concerned over fires than flooding or any other disaster that might strike their homes. Cleaning up the damage afterward takes a professional service with trained personnel and the right equipment.

The key to remediate fire damage in East Norriton homes is a quick response. SERVPRO maintains a 24/7 operation and can respond within hours or even minutes after that first call. Each response team member is a certified Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician (FSRT) who can swiftly assess the situation and start the cleaning process.

First, the FSRT team removes everything from the affected parts of the home. If the property is restorable, it is set aside for team members to clean. For all property too damaged for restoration, they dispose of immediately. These actions clear the home of odor sources and make it easier to inspect the residence for further actions.

Next, SERVPRO teams divide to restore the personal and structural property of the home. Each group has access to a large inventory of cleaners and tools to restore everything from stained drywall and carpets to upholstered furniture and glass windows that survived the heat.

FSRTs start by wiping down all surfaces with dry sponges to remove the top residue layers left by the smoke and soot. If any particles remain, they repeat the action with a cleaning agent as needed. For thicker layers, teams also have access to specially designed vacuums with HEPA filters that catch and remove every bit of residue.

For surfaces like wall framing that absorbed residues and also suffered minor physical damage, technicians use hand or powered sanders. They carefully remove the layers of wood to dig out the residue particles and use more cleaning agents until they risk compromising the structural integrity and have to replace the affected section.

SERVPRO of Norristown is proud to serve our neighbors and the surrounding communities of Lower Providence Township, Trooper, and West Norriton. If you are dealing with the effects of a fire, contact us today at (610) 272-8520 to schedule a service call and start the process to return your home to its pre-fire condition.

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