Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire and Smoke Cleanup in East Norriton

When the fire is out, often the main battle is with smoke odors and stains. This house in the East Norriton area needs the SERVPRO of Norristown experts to start the vacuuming up of particles and the odor removal to start quickly.

East Norriton Smoke Damage

The small fire slightly damaged the furnishings, but the smoky film on the wood surfaces needed careful cleaning in this East Norriton bedroom. Using spray bottles with SERVPRO formulated cleaning products, clean clothes, and sponges, we can clean this up.

Fire Damage In East Norriton

A fire can cause significant damage to your kitchen. Our fire restoration technicians are ready and available 24/7 to assist you. SERVPRO has the state-of-the-art equipment, training, certification, and fire damage experience needed to restore your kitchen to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Fire and Smoke in a Bathroom--Norristown

Hair curlers have caused many fires in homes, whether in Norristown or other areas of PA. SERVPRO can mitigate fire and smoke damage by quickly wiping down the greasy residues and setting up a hydroxyl generator to help neutral the smoke odors.

Fire & Smoke Damage in an East Norriton Home

The electrical fire started by the washing machine in this East Norriton garage lit and burned clothing and dispersed a heavy residue of smoke and the accompanying odors. The SERVPRO cleanup involved not only sweeping up the debris but setting up an hydroxyl generator to eliminate the foul odors.

Fire Damage in a Norristown Home

The electrical short charred the building elements of this entrance to a property in Norristown. The fire damaged area was boarded up for security, and then the demolition proceeded. Our SERVPRO technicians completed this cleanup and then started the restoration quickly, much to the satisfaction of our customer.