Storm Damage Photo Gallery

East Norriton Storm and Flood Cleanup

This photo in an East Norriton basement shows the end play of storm damage cleanup and restoration. The storm-contaminated water has been extracted, leaving drying and dehumidification equipment to restore normal moisture levels to a concrete block basement. Rely on SERVPRO techs to get it done right, and remove all unwanted and damaging moisture.

Storm Damage in Norristown

Winds, water can wreak havoc on commercial buildings in the Norristown area quite frequently. SERVPRO is always available to clean up the mess as this demolition work is in progress. Preparing the storm-damaged area for reconstruction is the goal.

Storm Damaged Kitchen in East Norriton

The photo describes the significant damage to a Norriton kitchen after a partial demolition. SERVPRO can respond and can do as much as possible to mitigate storm damage by quickly removing the remaining water. Then disposing of drenched, and unusable cabinetry and flooring falls by intense efforts for dehumidification.

Norristown Storm Damaged Hardwoods

The groundwater inundated the oak hardwood flooring in this Norristown home. The warped and lifted planks may be salvageable if a removal and drying out is done immediately. The subfloor and supporting joists must also be free of excess moisture before a reinstallation and refinish of the top flooring. Count on SERVPRO for great assistance.

Storm Damage – Norristown Office

Storm damage at this Norristown office was due to a portion of the roof being torn away during a thunderstorm that carried high winds. A great deal of rainwater fell through the damaged roof into the interior of the office.

Norristown Storm Causes Water Problem

This facility in Norristown needed a full array of drying equipment once the water was removed. Pictured are air movers and a dehumidifier to pluck excess moisture from the ambient air. Rapid return to normal Relative Humidity levels preserves the inventory.